Tuesday, March 22, 2011



So not much has to be said about these other then...
our child is a ham!
I swear he was trying to pose, we would try to get him to smile but he would get this 'serious' face and....well you will see for yourself!

We were able to get a few family shots in...

Thank you Brooke for these amazing pictures! You are the best!

Monday, March 21, 2011


Last week was my first dr. appointment for our new little baby. I was very nervous to go to this meeting because I wasn't able to keep any food down and I had a temperature of 101 for 4 days straight the week before because of the swine flu, so I had no idea what would happen to my little baby.

At first I was nervous, very nervous, because they couldn't find the heartbeat with the little monitor so the nurse wheeled in the ultra sound machine so the Dr. could check.

At this point Nate was able to join me and we just sat in anticipation for the Dr. to come in to see if everything was ok with our baby.

After about 15 agonizing minutes he came in and I went onto the table. He dabbed that gel on my tummy and we were about to see if all was well.

The Dr. took a minute to find the baby, but then once he did he said

"oh, it looks like this baby is going to be a mover!!!"

At first I have to admit I was like "oh no, not another mover! Gabe is a mover enough!!" but then the reality hit me that the baby was moving, and it was REALLY moving so that means that everything was ok!

Relief washed over nate and I as we took the next couple minutes looking at the baby and watched it move.

Nate and I walked out of the Dr. hand in hand happy that everything was ok with our little mover and our due date is the end of september! Also, a positive is, if this baby is a little mover then he/she can definitely keep gabe entertained when they are older!! PHEW then I don't have to do it! This could end up being a good thing......I hope!

So I am currently 13 weeks and all is well!

Friday, March 11, 2011


I have the swine Flu

Don't ask me where it came from and how I got it, because I have absolutely no idea.

But on top of having Swine Flu, I am 12 weeks pregnant. Yes, this isn't how I was planning on announcing it to everyone, but nonetheless, I am.

So you can only imagine how I can feel at this precise moment feeling both nausia accompanied with fevers, aches, chills and everything else that comes with Swine flu and you have me.

I would curl up in a ball if I could but my belly won't allow me to do that.

I am stuck.

When I was younger and I was sick I would always go into my parents basement, get a milk shake or a smoothie and then turn on the most comforting movie anyone has ever seen.

I feel like when I watch this movie I start to feel better almost instantly just because it is so dear to me. No matter how many times I have seen this movie I can always laugh at Anne Shirley's way of speaking. I watch Gilbert desperately seeking Anne's attention to only be pushed away again and again

until the last 20 minutes of the series

then you get what you waited the 8 hours to see

they kiss.....

and all is well.

But for some reason, this time I didn't want to watch my favorite movie of all time. I am a succor for those classics such as Anne of Green Gables, Pride and Prejudice or Emma, but this time I wanted something different.

I knew I wanted to watch a series because I knew I was going to be sitting on this couch for a very VERY long time

So I scrolled through all I could think of

Indiana Jones? Star wars? Bourne? None of them sounded good to me. But then I saw it, and for some reason it stuck out to me. Maybe because Nate and I have recently started watching LOST together and one of our favorite characters just died....Charlie.

So I started it.

I have to be honest, the movie itself was just ok, but there was one character that made the whole entire show worth watching.

His character is something that I wish I could be myself.

He is loyal, optimistic, light hearted and most of all....

he is probably one of the best characters in a book or a movie that has ever been written.

Now, if all of those leading clues didn't give it away then how about this picture

In this scene I literally started to cry. Call me sick and pregnant but he is truly an amazing character. Time and Time again Samwise Gamgee comes to the aid of Frodo Baggins and this time he not only helps him, he carries him into Mordor to finally be rid of that stupid ring.

He never gave up

He never uttered a negative word when everyone else around him was in despair

He is the true hero of the story

Thank you Samwise Gamgee for helping me get through the Swine Flu.

Monday, March 7, 2011


"Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose."
~From The Wonder Years~

In life we do not remember days; we remember moments. That is how I feel when I take a trip with my family. This past weekend we were able to escape for a few days and go to Disneyland just the 3 of us. Disney has always been a part of Nate and my lives and so we wanted to start sharing the "Magic" with Gabe as well.

As we were flying home yesterday I looked over to Nate and asked him what his favorite memories were from this trip. We talked about how excited gabe got when he saw Goofy for the first time and he surprised us both and just pointed and screamed "GOOFY!!!" as clear as day.

We loved his anticipation when we took him on the NEMO ride for the first time and so every time after that he was just so excited to get on the ride because he knew what was coming.

We loved how he just giggled when Nate took him on the teacups multiple times (bless his heart) and how he just couldn't spin fast enough

We loved how were were able to get the Magical Morning Pass 2 days in a row and there was absolutely no on in the park that early

We loved how we took gabe on his first roller-coaster and we were nervous how he was going to take it, but when we got off he ran around to the entrance and got back in line again

We loved how when we saw Mickey Mouse he was SO EXCITED, but the when we got close to take a picture he was so nervous, and then when we left he turned around and kept waving to mickey saying "bye bye! Bye bye Mouse!" (he can't say mickey)

So after all of the exhaustion it takes to bring a 2 year old to an amusement park, we are so grateful for these wonderful memories that we will take with us forever!

Here are a few pictures of our trip. Now, on a side note.....When you are at a Disney park there are certain fashion rules that you just have to throw out the window. I am not going to be running around the park in heels or even designer flats because by the end of the day my feet will be throbbing like you wouldn't believe. NO NO NO...at disney....you wear tennis shoes and loose fitting clothes, end of discussion. So don't mock the outfits ok!

We had to get a picture of MICKEY MOUSE!

Disney has a train that takes you around the entire park and Gabe would always hear it and say "CHOO-CHOO!" So we had to take him on it!

Thank goodness to Nate who is such a trooper, I would say the teacups were one of gabe's top 3 rides that he had to go on over and over. He loved them!

In California Adventure they had this fun playground place for kids to run around and this had a 3 story rope course and gabe thought it was fun to walk with daddy.

Who can resist waiting in a 30 minute line to get that smile?!? Nemo was by far his #1 favorite ride and we had to ride on it every day!

Gabe's first roller-coaster ride. He LOVED IT! At first he was wondering what was going on but he absolutely loved it!

I am nervous for this boy to be tall enough for the big rides because this boy can't get fast enough and high enough! He loved dumbo!

You can't go to a disney park without getting a turkey leg....and gabe just happens to be double fisting it with a churro. Rotten life isn't it!

The first ride we went on when we got to Disneyland. Can we cram anything else into the car? NOPE! My feet were so smashed!

We had a lot of fun and can't wait to go back someday!



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