Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wonderful World Of Disney!


It was absolutely amazing to be back in "my old stomping grounds!" I miss it! Gabe absolutely loved the rides and there were quite a few that he actually threw a HUGE tantrum because he wanted to keep much fun! I think we have a tradition in the making here!

Right when we arrived we headed straight for the magic kingdom. When you go with children, you have to do it right! I have to say that we ended up heading back to magic kingdom 2 additional times on the trip because the kiddos loved it so much! We were also able to go with my sister in law and her family, WHICH WAS AMAZING! Gabe loves to play with his cousins an they made the experience so great!

Here we are on dumbo...Gabe was a little concerned at first, but then he LOVED IT!

Here we had to hit up the parade! In this parade the characters come out onto the street and dance with all of the children, it was great!
This day we also hit up so many more rides, but I forgot to take pictures!!!

Hollywood studios
They have such a great playhouse disney show at hollywood studios and it was great to see all of the characters from some of gabe's favorite shows! Right now they are watching little Einstein's.

Gabe has loved the movie "up" since we took him to see it in the theaters, so when we saw Doug we just had to get a picture! But unfortunately he was so interested in doug that he wouldn't smile for the camera!

Then here is where the downfall happened....literally! Sunday and monday it was raining almost the entire day!!!! I had to take a picture of Gabe's cute little face as we were heading out of Epcot on sunday.

Ok, I had to throw this picture in to show you that this was the last picture taken from our camera. Yep, you read right. There was SO MUCH RAIN that our camera got water damage! So unfortunately for the rest of the trip we didn't have many pictures!

So, fortunately and unfortunately, on our last day in Florida I realized that our video camera took I am glad we were able to get some of us swimming at the pool, but I wish I would have thought about that for the other days in the park!!!!

They had this fun place at the pool where it shot out water and gabe LOVED IT! He was giggling the entire time! He even loved it when the water would smack him in the face! Such a fun energetic little boy!

On our last night there we stopped by Downtown Disney where gabe was able to ride his last ride. He did like it though!

Gabe has started to like Toy Story and so for our gift to him on this trip we decided that woody was a perfect gift, and he loved it!

It was such a great week and I wish we got more pictures of our amazing time down there. That just means we will have to go again soon!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


tomorrow night my little family is heading here:

*Minus the Twin Towers*

And then we head here:

We may even hit up this place while we are there:


Saturday, April 3, 2010


My sister and her family came into town last weekend as they were driving to Arizona, and what a fun time we had! (pictures to follow soon). But one morning while we were there my 5 year old niece came up to me with a very serious face to ask me a question.

"Aunt Dayna"

"Yes Kamrie"

she hesitated...

"um...well, I was just wondering. If Gabriel is a boy...then why does his hair look like girl's hair?"


I have my reasons why I don't want to cut his hair. His curls for one. I am just nervous that they won't grow back once I cut them!

But, I have to admit, I will miss how his hair looks when I get him out of his crib in the morning! Wouldn't you miss this?!?!

So, the question is out...Should I cut it?

Thursday, April 1, 2010


I know this sounds a little silly, but yesterday we had to drop off my car to get something fixed (long story, but luckily we didn't have to pay for it!) Anyway, and so we went at 8:30 in the morning to drop off our car and little did we know that it would actually be a fun day! They had this huge pirate ship right in the middle of the dealership where kids could play on! It was great! And another bonus is that we were there really early in the morning so we got the place ALL TO OURSELVES!

Here are just a few pictures of gabe that I took from my iphone. (and yes, we were BOTH still in our PJ's!)

This is gabe looking out over the ledge of the ship..He was so happy!

I don't know what it is with this boy, but he ABSOLUTELY loves to feel like he is "driving" things. Nate usually picks him up when he gets home from work and takes a "drive" around the neighborhood with gabe and he loves it! So here he is steering the boat.

When I got to the dealership they surprised me and told me it was going to take 3 hours to fix instead of the 1 hour they said on the phone. So I called nate to come pick us up! I also had him come in and see Gabe playing on the fun pirate ship!

I never thought I would actually have fun at a car dealership!



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