Monday, March 22, 2010

My son the squirrel

So, lately I have been missing some things. Well, to tell you the truth, A LOT of things. I swear half of my day is spent finding this item or that not knowing where it could possibly have gone. Well, today was no different.

With Nate being out of town until this friday I thought that I would be productive and start editing Gabe's home videos of when he was a newborn. But there was one little problem with that...I couldn't, FOR THE LIFE OF ME, find the charger for the video camera so I can upload his videos. I searched EVERYWHERE! I even tried the laundry hamper thinking he put it in there, but no luck. I was frustrated because I have been wanting to do this for a year now and I haven't made the time so now that I wanted to, I couldn't! AAAHHHHH!

Then, HOURS LATER, I decided to actually get ready for the day. (a rarity when nate is out of town) and low and behold....I found the charger. And of course, who wouldn't have thought that it was in the drawer in a completely different room with my blow dryer. Goodness!!!! To emphasize this even more, the other day I was looking for my phone. Again I searched EVERYWHERE, even places that weren't Gabriel's "common hiding places" and I couldn't find it anywhere. Then all of the sudden my phone started to ring...where was it?!?!?! IN THE TRASH CAN! GOODNESS! I have lost binkey's, keys, shoes (they were in the bathtub...who would have thought), pens, food, name it, gabe has found a hiding place for it!

Are all children like this!?!?!?!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Seriously, my husband is amazing! Our basement has been in shambles since we moved in and I have been constantly trying to clean down there, but to no avail. I didn't have anywhere to put everything and I was going CRAZY! So my wonderful, amazing and magnificent husband surprised me for Valentines Day and told me he was going to build shelves in our cold storage.

Not only is this action amazing in itself, nate at first had absolutely no idea what he was doing! But that is the amazing part, he knows that I wanted them, has the determination to get things done and he just figured it out and did it! He is so amazing!

So here is the process:

my boys looking very GQ in home depot

The beginning...

Gabe even helped his daddy out a little bit by holding the shelves down. What a good helper!

The finishing touches! Didn't he do a amazing job? Now I have room for my food storage!

Also, I had to throw this picture in. Gabe and I just hung out in his little play area downstairs while nate was working and I thought this picture of him was so cute! We might have a new Jack Johnson or Dave Matthews on our hand!

Friday, March 5, 2010


Juliet Capulet once said "What's in a name?" This question can go a million different ways if you actually think about it. But for me, I think about the name we are given at birth. Unfortunately for me, my name is just simple and plain. I have never been one who was given a "nickname" or I can't abbreviate my name to make it shorter. It is just dayna. (unless you want to call me "day" or "na" but what's the fun in that?) But there are those out there fortunate enough to have a nick name. Even being called "Sam" instead of Samuel is a sort of nickname. For as long as I can remember, I have always called my little sister "bugs". I still to this day hardly call her by her real name, which is Karlee. I simply call her "bugs".

But for my son, he has many nicknames. I call him "buster brown" where a lot of people simply just call him "gabe" "baby Gabe" or "buddy". But there is one name that sticks out more then the others, and that name is Gus Gus, or just Gus. This name was given to him by his Uncle Ben. Gabe shares a special relationship with his uncle ben, even from the very beginning. (now I don't want all of the rest of you to feel left out! HE ABSOLUTELY LOVES YOU TOO!) I have been trying to put a finger on why Gabe just responds to Ben differently, even different then he does with me. Maybe because Ben is so much like Nate that he feels comfortable around him. Or maybe it is because Ben makes some faces while he talks in funny voices to Gabe which makes him laugh...I don't know what it is. But he LOVES him.

Yesterday was proof of that. Nate's parents were in town for a short little while so Gabriel and I went down to meet them at the University Mall to get him an easter outfit. While we were there we were able to meet up with Ben and his fiance Laura. Immediately Ben went straight to Gabriel, swooped him up and did this....

From a mother's point of almost brought tears to my eyes to see the love my 14 month old can already have for his uncle.

So what's in a name?

Absolutely everything.



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