Monday, February 28, 2011

Night Night

Yesterday was one of those precious moments mothers have that make everything worth it. It was one of those moments that almost brought me to tears just to see how grown up my little gabriel has become.
One minute Gabe and I were playing in the living room and then the next minute saw him sneak into his toy room and grab Buzz, Woody and Jesse; then sneak into his room. Curious, since lately he has wanted me to be a part of everything he does during the day, I decided to follow him. I slowly opened his door to find him putting his toys down for a nap. He gingerly laid them down on the pillow one by one. Then he grabbed the blanket and pulled it just right up to their heads (he actually pulled it too far and then pulled it back down), and then he proceeded to give each one of them a 'bacio' as he knows it, but that means kiss. Then he went to turn on our humidifier and then went back to the bed and gave them another 'bacio'. After that he saw me in the doorway and raised his fingers to his lips and went "Ssshhhhh" and then walked out of the room!
It was so precious for me to see that because it is what nate and I do to him. We give him numerous kisses before bed and we pull his blanket up just right then turn on the humidifier. I love how adorable and precious he is becoming. I also love how much he loves his toy story characters. He gets so excited to see Buzz anywhere that he giggles, and when he sees woody he yells "DI, DI!" (he can't quite get the "woo" part of it yet) and I swear he has a secret crush on jesse. These are the moments that make me love being a mom.

On a side note, I have absolutely no idea how to turn my blog private so for those of you who have done that before can you tell me? I tried putting the email addresses in and it didn't work.......



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